Mt. Sac Walnut California

BIOGRAPHY - I completed the M.A.C Pro Student Program at Mt. Sac Walnut California.  Since graduation I have worked on national commercials, cable pilots and independent films. 

REASON WHY I VOLUNTEER - I wanted to become a Lipstick Angel because I wanted to make someone feel so beautiful that they forgot about all their problems for that short amount of time. It's the best feeling anyone could experience.  When my aunt had cancer, she lost her eyebrows and all of her hair.  Being able to help her out and show her how to do her eyebrows was the best feeling.  She said that with eyebrows, she felt so much better.

SPECIAL MOMENT -  For me, being younger and seeing so many young girls at the hospital my age going through what they go through is sometimes hard.  I met a girl who just wanted to have fun; she didn't want to be there anymore because she was tired of it.  When she found out that we, the Lipstick Angels, were at the hospital doing makeup, she was so excited.  She came in, same age as me, and said she just wanted to feel like a rock star, like Lady Gaga!! So I got some bright purples, blues, and hot pink lipstick and made her into a rock star. While I was doing this we got lost in our conversation about fashion, music, movies, and of course boys!  She forgot all of her problems and was just having fun! When I left, I just thought wow I really made her feel better, I made her have fun and just let go for the short amount of time we spent together!  So far, that is my fondest memory at the hospital.