In August of 2012, Lipstick Angels began working on the Rehabilitation Ward with a certified CTRS/RTC Recreation Therapist.

Currently the program operates one shift per week on alternating days.  Patients served range from cancer patients to stroke victims and any individual undergoing rehabilitation therapy.   The CTRS/RTC Recreation Therapist pre-selects patients based on need and availability.  Each patient receives a half-hour, individualized makeup session with a trained, skilled Lipstick Angel volunteer.  Volunteers serve 4 to 6 patients per shift.  Each volunteer has undergone an additional, specialized training with the CTRS/RTC Recreation Therapist.


The Glamour Group program has been incorporated into patients' regularly-scheduled therapy sessions, and Lipstick Angels work side-by-side, in collaboration with certified therapists.

​“My experience with the Lipstick Angels has been... well... a blessing! Lipstick Angels swoop down from Heaven and dote on these females.   Our patients come away feeling refreshed and proud of their appearance. Many want me to take them in their wheelchairs past the nursing station after receiving their makeup so they can show off their beauty!"


Linda Kay Schaefer-Hunter
Recreation Therapist
Cedars- Sinai Medical Center