​“Rose was so special. Immediately we ‘clicked’.  Her attention to detail and willingness to ‘hear’ brought a natural, polished look to my makeup.  I look pretty and ‘finished’.  Thank you for allowing her to spend time to make a all the ladies feel pretty!”

Dalphae Marina – Help Portrait December 1, 2012

Martha Help Portrait December 1, 2013.​

​​“It was beautiful.  I’ve never had my makeup done.  It was, I like her touching my face and my photos turned out great!”


“Renata, thank you and the Lipstick Angels so much for your generosity.  My Makeup was so beautiful”

Hermione Beard – Spa Day October 20th 2012

“Absolutely Wonderful! What a great group of women!  They were all about making you feel great and fabulous!  In addition, offering support to so many women with breast cancer and helping them feel beautiful and confident.  Thank you.”

Jessica G. Gogus, RN at Cedars Sinai - Spa Day October 20th 2012

“Wonderful! Great staff and makeup artist.  Thanks, Thanks”
Ruby Seals - Spa Day October 20th 2012

“It was beautiful.  I’ve never had my makeup done.  It was, I like her touching my face and my photos turned out great!”

Martha Help Portrait December 1, 2013.​



“Another great day in the Cedars Sinai Rehab Unit! I had the honor and pleasure of working with three incredible ladies, all of whom amazed me with their inexplicable strength and gratitude. My first patient and I shared not only the same hometown neighborhood, but a love of makeup. We discussed every product in detail, plus tips on how to apply, the latest brands, and organic skincare. In the middle of the session she started cry, but said they were tears of joy because she felt so beautiful, and happy that she was getting some pampering. My next patient had her best friend by her side. We dished about mascara, men, and moisturizer-just three girls having some fun! At the end we snapped pictures on her Iphone so she could show her husband her new look. Once again, a few happy tears were shed, hugs were shared, and I couldnt believe how much her spirit had lifted in just a matter of minutes. My last patient said she wanted to sleep in her makeup so that she could keep her feeling of beauty last until the next morning! I left my session with a full heart and so much admiration for these women who undergoing such enormous challenge. It was once again a heartwarming experience beyond compare”.

Amy Holiber – Lipstick Angel

“I worked on a woman whose husband was a big director and had been gone a while and who told me she was grateful for MPTF, and another woman who was an actress and hadn't worn makeup in a long time (her smile after I finished and she looked in the mirror made my day). After all the women were taken care of I talked two gentlemen into coming to my station for moisturizer and hand cream, they ended up being the highlight of my day! One of them, Martin, was 99 and a retired set dresser. He smiled and joked the whole time and remarked how great the event was. When I was done, he asked me if I had any lipsticks he could give his girlfriends, yes that's with an S !!!!!!!!  Lipstick Angels continues to be a rewarding way to give back to the community and now to our own industry”.

Sheri Knight, Lipstick Angel (MPTF Event November 8, 2012)

“One thing that really stuck out to me yesterday was when one of my clients was telling me how she has been married to her husband for 62 years. The spark in her eyes was still there when she talked about him. She let me know that he lives in the homes too but is in a separate section than her because he has Alzheimer's. She let me know that she walks over to visit him everyday and she was so excited to go see him after her makeover. She said most of the time he does recognize her and she couldn't wait to show him how beautiful she can still look after all these years. She said she couldn't wait to see the look on his face! It was awesome to see her so excited to go show her man her new look!

Thanks again for the opportunity, I had a blast!

Stephanie – Special Event Lipstick Angel (MPTF Event November 8, 2012)